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Top Mistakes To Avoid While Making A Car Lease

13 Oct 2016


The decision of making a car lease varies greatly from individual to individual and is purely and mostly dependent on one’s circumstances and one’s own needs and desires. For example, in Melbourne, while travelling and getting around the city, people especially tourists who do plan to have an extended stay in the city, prefers car lease rather than public transport and buying their own vehicle. The reasons are many like- security & safety, comfort and flexibility while travelling, cost cutting, etc., but the main reason is that Melbourne offers some excellent car lease offers and options. But, those details are beyond the scope of this particular article.

In this article, we will look into some of the top mistakes which are very common and are to be avoided at all cost while making or going for a car lease. In fact, a car lease company like this will confirm many of the following points.


Mistakes to be avoided

Mistakes if made during car leases can cost you severe loss of money and other damages. Hence, by keeping the following tips and nature of mistakes in mind, you can avoid them completely.

  1. Almost all car lease dealers or shops promote their services as low payment/down payment. But, in many cases, the actual scenario is quite different than that stated in the advertisements. In most of the cases, the dealers ask their customers to pay a heavy amount of money at the beginning of the car lease. Hence, it is usually advised to the customers to pay a minimum amount of down payment only not more than $1000 at any cost or to avoid a down payment totally. This car allowance ato calculator will help you calculate the cost.
  2. Before leasing a car, the consumers are strictly advised to learn all the terms and conditions including the type of auto insurance and especially all about the gap insurance they are offering. In the case of car wreckage, accidents, car theft in the first few months of the car lease, keeping handy and having full knowledge of this information can prove crucial for your car lease term and tenure.
  3. Another, common mistakes made by most of the customers during their car lease is underestimating or ignoring the mileage of their leased car. Now, most car lease dealers have a maximum mileage limit during the lease tenure, which most of them either don’t display in their ads or don’t disclose unless specifically asked by the customer. As a result, most customers end up paying extra charges for overusing the mileage limit and not knowing about it. Hence, it is recommended that one has complete knowledge about the mileage limits before leasing a car.


Apart from the above-mentioned points, it is also advisable not to lease the car for too long and having possession of complete maintenance and performance record documents beforehand. Following these simple tips will prevent money loss and other losses during your car lease. As you can see, a novated lease if a good alternative to opt with. For a novated lease visit this site and speak to the professionals about your best options.